Wireless Network


Wireless networking is more than simply placing an Access Point (AP) and setting up devices to communicate with it. We Cover L.A. understands not only the products required to build out a cost effective wireless network, but also the principles and standards behind effective, secure and resilient deployments.

We Cover L.A wireless network approach:

  • Understanding and documenting our customers potential business needs for a wireless network Base lining an existing network and recommending the appropriate infrastructure to support wireless networking.
  • Feasibility studies and documentation to determine the cost effectiveness and viability of a wireless network
  • Site survey for Point to Point and Point to Multipoint installations that include a bill of material and installation costs
  • Recommendations for a security architecture to insure the privacy and confidentiality for wireless networking Installation, documentation and training so your organization can effectively manage and scale your wireless network Pre and Post Installation consulting for current and evolving wireless standards

Advantages of wireless technology include:

  • Increased mobility within the enterprise, in addition to a traditional wired network
  • Flexibility for frequent LAN wiring changes, either throughout the site or in selected areas
  • Ideal for sites not conducive to LAN wiring because of building or budget limitations, such as older buildings, leased space or temporary sites
  • Flexibility and cost savings by a line-of-sight, building-to-building bridge to avoid expensive trenches, leased lines or right-of-way issues

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