Monitoring & Management


Keeping up with hackers is a full-time job, and one that most organizations do not have the time to do. We proactively monitor hacker activity as they attempt to penetrate your network boundary and receive notifications of a security breach. Youll receive real-time intrusion detection monitoring, as well as log file analysis and comprehensive Internet usage and traffic reports. Our security management software proactively ensures system availability by establishing security configuration baselines, continuously auditing for security vulnerabilities and helping to correct exposures before they result in security breaches or costly downtime.

Our group of monitoring programs will:

  • Check systems for Spy-Ware software.
  • Review security policies and ensure that they are current, implemented and enforced.
  • Ensure current service-level and security patches have been installed, including antivirus updates.
  • Review and monitor critical system logs for suspect activity.
  • Revisit your firewall configurations and rules to ensure that unnecessary ports and services are turned off and that access control is tightly managed.
  • Revisit access control lists to ensure that access to critical functions and resources is limited.

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